Sunday, 9 March 2008


My life as I know it is over. Facebook has sucked me in...

Friday, 7 March 2008

Balls and all!

Here I am, back for another little bit of writty...

I'm afraid I've just not had the time to get on here since my last post. Although I've been surfing the information super-motorway I only get a chance to do it when N is asleep. However, he has that extra-sensory ability to wake up as soon as I start typing something. I'm on my second paragraph now so I'm hoping I may be able to complete this one!!

What's been happening...? Well, I've been and had my nadgers nipped but it would seem that the surgeon wasn't too good at getting his stitching done properly so that has caused me one or two problems. Having F here as a fully qualified nurse you wouldn't think this was a problem - just let her at 'em with a bit of gauze and a few steri-strips and Robert's your father's brother. But no, once out of work F's done nursing for the day. Suffice to say I have performed surgery myself this morning and as such I expect to find myself hospitalised at some point in the near future. I do envisage my trip to hospital to look something like this...

In other news we fought to get F a meeting with her former employer to air her grievances. This was easier said than done and took more than a little gentle coercion. The meeting took place on Tuesday and after a hearty lunch we rode off into battle. We were faced with a weasly looking f**ker who was one of the H.R. top brass along with a representative of the Chief Executive's department (the latter being there as we had taken F's plight to them upon being ignored by the former). The weasly one decided that he was going to use aggression in order for us to realise just who was in charge - unfortunately for him I was more than happy to take him on and play him at his own game and he soon settled his little self down. It's amazing what you can achieve when you stand up to these people. This man was also unable to defend his own statements from reasoned arguments and he actually ended up looking foolish a lot of the time. The lady from the C.E.'s office was quite the oppisite and we're hopeful that she will investigate matters fully. Time will tell. It's not my fault I'm bolshy...I blame the parents!!

I have finally sent off my application form for the University course I'm interested in. That went off last week so I should hopefully hear something soon. If that doesn't come off I'm thinking that I may just go down the OU route. I'm certainly going to invest my time (and F's money) in something.

So that's about it. Well, obviously it's not, there's been lots of other stuff going on but those are the main things in recent times. I'm not going to promise to update regularly because it isn't likely to happen!! Do check back and there's a possibility you will see something new. There's also the possibility that you will be disappointed!