Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Year, More Snow!

Here we are in 2010 (that's twenty ten...although not quite a second space odyssey) and were still can't plan for bad weather in this country. Ok, so it snowed some, then froze and snowed some more. Then it brightened up and dulled over again. Then there was a bit of sleet but it got too cold for sleet and it snowed again. Then, getting bored of snow the temperature dropped again and it froze over. When I went to take N out yesterday morning the ambient temperature according to the car was -7 degrees which was cold enough to mean that I had to scrape the frost off the inside of the car...

So, aside from the normal chaos that frozen snow over frozen snow over frozen snow causes we thought it couldn't get any worse. We spent last night watching a couple of films and F was all psyched up to head off to work bright and early until the snow started. Lots of snow. And then a bit more. And just for good measure a lot more snow. F did indeed set off for work this morning but after struggling for twenty minutes and getting no more than tw
o miles (so an average of six miles per hour there) she had to ring in to the hospital and tell them she wouldn't be able to make it..."That's ok" they said, "No one else has made it in either!" - and most of them live minutes away! F attempted to call into the local supermarket on her way back home but couldn't make it into the car park. (Incidentally, my car has been stuck up the road from us since Saturday when I had to park it there - I tried to move it yesterday and I may as well have been trying to plait fog). The hospital rang F later on asking if she would try to make it in tomorrow as they have had to cancel all operations for today.

The snow has meant no nursery for N, either. I spoke to K this morning and he was most disappointed that his was the only school in the area which was still open. So, we took the hounds to the river and let them chase the ducks, then we threw snowballs at them, and now, while everyone in the house snoozes I'm watching various vehicles attempt to tackle the hill in front of our house with varying degrees of success. I can't see it being too long before something goes a bit awry, leaving lots of tangled metal...

This picture was taken at some point last week so things are a bit worse now and you can imagine the fun that comes when traffic tries to get up or down that hill: