Saturday, 1 January 2011

Changes are afoot in the world of me. As I have both Crohn's and Meniere's I should really watch what I eat but the truth is, I don't. I eat what I want, pretty much when I want. I had got into the habit of having a bacon roll every day at college and some kind of pudding every night after tea. I know it's not good.
I was told a while ago that we should look at our bodies in the same way we look at a car - if you put rubbish fuel in you get poor performance out. This makes sense. The performance of my vehicle has been very poor of late and I think it's about time for a major service and rethink of what sort of fuel I put into it.
I seem to live in a state of perpetual tiredness coupled with brain fog. There's the constant worry of suffering from a vertigo attack or stomach cramps. I think by altering my diet that I can alleviate some of these problems. And that's just it. I'm altering my diet, not attempting to starve myself. I'm attempting to change habits - less meat, more fruit and veg, less sugar, more nuts and seeds, less gluten, more berries.
So, as well as the other rubbish I occasionaly post, this blog is going to be a record of how I'm doing and feeling. I don't expect miracles but I do hope to feel better.

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Akelamalu said...

I think you're doing the right thing. xxxx