Sunday, 16 October 2011

More Abersoch

I realised that I'd not posted any of the other pictures from Abersoch, or indeed blogged about the adventures we had. When I say 'adventures' I use the term loosely! 

We took a trip to the magnificent Caernarfon Castle, where there was lots of spaces for the kids to run around and explore.

The castle has lots to see. This was the site of the investiture of Prince Charles in 1969:

And the architecture is absolutely stunning:

On our way back to Abersoch, Nick told us of a World War 2 bunker that he'd heard of at Llandwrog and asked us if we fancied stopping off there. Well, it being in the vicinity, what did we have to lose? As it turned out, we lost an hour of our lives in possibly the most desolate seaside spot in all of Wales...only joking, Nick! To give you an idea of what it was like there here's a little video I took:

And here's a picture of said bunker - really magnificent and I'll be sure to go back soon...

There was also an aircraft museum in the vicinity but I didn't get any pictures there. Because it was closed. We did have a nice drive round it though. Interestingly, there is an ancient hill fort situated there:

And the kids had fun playing in the sea...

And N got absolutely soaking!

We all had a really fun time during our week in Abersoch!