Tuesday, 3 January 2012


We're back down to two big dogs in the house.

We've been doing our bit and helping to rehome rescue dogs. Bear was a lovely English Mastiff who had been pretty badly treated and was initially scared of his own shadow. He grew in confidence and this was perhaps a little bit of a problem as he started to show some aggressive tendencies towards other dogs. On his own, he was fine, but mixed with our 'pack' he was starting to be a pain.

F's sister had recently lost her two GSD's and had taken on the bitch that had been kennelled with Bear when they were rescued. After some (very brief) negotiation it was decided that Bear would go to live at their house and I'm pleased to report that he seems very, very happy there.

The other rescue dig was Eddie the Rottweiler. Again, Eddie had been very badly treated, locked in a cupboard, beaten and starved. When he came here he was remarkably well adjusted with just the odd behavioural trait to be ironed out. Eddie was only ever here on a temporary basis and he found a forever home quite quickly. His new owner couldn't take him straight away but came over at least twice a week to take him out. He went to his forever home last week and so far he seems very happy with his new family.

Our two, Rosie and Dave, seem pretty happy to enjoy the spoils of being the only dogs!