Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Camera

Hello Friends...

The digital camera has to be one of the greatest inventions of all time. The ability to pretty much snap away without limit and almost immediately discard any shots that aren't up to standard is an amazingly powerful tool to have. So how could this invention be made better..?

Combine it with a mobile phone! Give the man or woman that came up with that idea a medal. Well, maybe not a medal but at least a pat on the back!

I'm a bit sentimental and I like taking photographs as keepsakes. I tend to keep all the photos I take of the boys, even the ones that are a bit blurred or off centre, because it seems wrong somehow to just discard them. I also like to be able to share my photos as instantly as possible and my camera phone lets me do this. God forbid I should have to wait a few hours until I can email!

Below are a selection of the pictures that I like to take with a bit of a description underneath each one...

I didn't actually like taking this picture. I came home from work one evening to find a puddle on the carpet in the dining room...shortly after this section of ceiling collapsed due to a leak from a valve on the shower!

My previous post about the sights of this country may have benefitted from the above picture. This is a view over Ashworth Moor (read akelamalu's visit to the historic Owd Betts on Ashworth Moor here) which I pass almost every morning. As you've probably guessed, I find the British Countryside beautiful.

The baby goats at Heaton Park Farm....awww!!

A view of Central Manchester showing Piccadily Tower to the fore and the Beetham Tower in the background. I took this picture from the top of a six storey apartment block that the company I work for is currently constructing.

Another view from the top of the apartment block, this time looking down Great Ancoats Street.

The view towards Ashworth Moor heading toward the cloudy mists.

Finally a picture snapped of a beautiful sunset over the M60 (Fi gets credit for this one!!).

Have fun and be safe...D.