Friday, 3 August 2007

Well hello!
Ok...I'd actually wriiten a rather long post yesterday whch I was going to post today, a follow on from the dihydrogen monoxide article. Unfortunately, I'd written that post on my pc at work - and I'm now unemployed!
I went to work at my usual time of 7.30AM today and by 8.15AM I was on my way home. The company I work for has so much debt that to stay open was not a viable option, apparantly. I'm sure that won't stop my former employers from enjoying their luxury cars and yachts, but hey, I'm not bitter!!!
So, the post I prepared is at work, or what used to be work. However, I can still remember what I was waffling on about. There were only two of you that replied so thanks akelamalu and caira..probably the only two that read this rubbish, but I'm relying on you, my public to go and spread the word!
So, just what is dihydrogen monoxide? Break the name down..."di" means two, hydrogen is as we know, so we have two hydrogen. "Mono" is singular so we also have one oxygen. Two hydrogen and one oxygen is...H2O - water!
Now, please don't think that the last post was intended to show you up. It was actually an attempt to show that when facts are presented in a certain way they can suddenly become scary. Please go back and read the article now that you know what dihydroen monoxide is. All of those facts about water are true, it's just the way that they're presented that seems scary.
In the post I'd prepared I had entered into the realms of "peak oil" just to maybe stir up some debate (I'm good at that eh, akelamalu?!) about the way facts are presented and how they can be manipulated to make the general populace "toe the line". I'll find time to go into that over the next couple of weeks, I'm sure.
For now, be safe...x


ciara said...

you know what's sad? is sometimes stuff like that doesn't scare me. but then of course i had never heard of dhmo cuz i'm used to h2o lol but yes, i do get the point. causing hysteria usually leads to ugliness.

sorry bout losing your job but i'm sure you'll find another soon! wishing you luck :)

Akelamalu said...

Now I think about it I have seen that information about water before!

You'll get another job soon I know. To be honest I think what has happened is just the push you need to get a job which is more fitting to your talents - it'll work out for the best you wait and see. x