Thursday, 22 November 2007

New Arrival

It's all change at the moment in our household. I'm currently playing the role of 'ouse 'usband while F goes off to do some agency work at some ridiculously high rate of pay. I've just set myself up for a day of hard work with bacon and egg on toast and a mug of tea - all after mopping the kitchen floor, filling the dishwasher, cleaning the yard and feeding the's all go here!

Whilst mentioning the hounds there's a couple of pictures of our new arrival Rosie the Rotten below...ain't she cute??!

And here's one of her with Buddy, who isn't too keen at the minute!!

We reckon she might be a big girl seeing as she's only just over 9 weeks old!

I've been waiting for Blogger to allow us Blogger's to upload video. F and I tend to take a lot of media with our mobiles, having them with us most of the time they're just so handy to record those little moments or quirky little things that we see. Here's a video of Nate taking a ride with Noddy in the supermarket yesterday:-

I did have one in the same vein of Kaisters riding his pedal powered digger but for some reason it seems to have disappeard so I'll have to search for that one. Anyway, I suppose I should get on with some work (!) and some job searching...TTFN!


Akelamalu said...

Rosie looks so cute as does N with Noddy!

If you need some tips on housework you can always ask your Dad! :)

Queenie said...

Arrr, she is so cute (and big), your boy is so grown up, I can't believe it. Hopefully I'll get a cuddle from him when I pop up for the day? How much do you charge an hour for house-work?

Dan's Fi-ver said...

akelamalu...they're both extremely cute! I'm sure I can get tips on sitting around from Dad!!

Queenie...let us know when you're coming up and you can have a cuddle off both of them! As for houswork, I don't charge so ling as you keep me filled with refreshments, if you know what I mean!

Akelamalu said...

Queenie - he means BEER!!

ciara said...

i don't know who noddy is, but N is so cute! dog's cute, too, but not as :)

Queenie said...

Akela I know, stocking up as we blog!!!
Dan, book me in twice a week, I even feed you!!