Tuesday, 20 November 2007

A sleeping sleepless night....

Last night I had a strange experience. For once it didn't involve drink...!

I don't know if you have ever heard of sleep paralysis but I think I had my first (and hopefully last) experience of it last night. I awoke in the early hours, quite lucidly, but was worried when my legs wouldn't respond to instructions from my brain. Nor would my arms. Nor my torso. I couldn't move a muscle yet I was perfectly aware of my surroundings. To say I was becoming concerned would be an understatement but I was snapped out of this apparent hell by F brushing against me.

What happened to me is symptomatic of sleep paralysis which almost every person on earth will experience at least once in their lives. Luckily for me, I had seen a programme on this condition a few years ago - only the programme was more concerned with the "night hag" phenomenon where the sufferers of this condition experience a hag or demon type appirition in the room with them and eventually sitting on their chest or becoming attached to their throat, constircting their breathing. However, it is postulated that this figure is part a figment of the mind that is still truly asleep. Needless to say, I was waiting with trepidation for this manifestation last night!!

On a lighter note our friend Linda at Ravenrock Kennels gifted us with a magnificent 9 week old Rotten puppy yesterday. Her dad Mac can be seen on the link above - as can our beloved Tequila's mum and sister Cassie and Reba (respectively). We have named her Rosie the Rottweiller and her official Kennel Club name is Ravenrock Dolly Rose, although Dolly Dimple may be more appropriate thinks I!!! Pictures will be posted of this tiny row of teeth and an a**ehole on coming posts...!


Queenie said...

I have only had this when drink was involved (I know you find that hard to believe, that I have a glass or two).
I like Dolly Dimple, sort of has a ring to it, not the ring you mentioned at the end of your post!!!!

Dan's Fi-ver said...

Queenie...a drink?? Never!!

Dolly Dimwit seems to suit her better at this moment in time!!

And leave my ring out of this...!!

ciara said...

uhhh if it's rotten why would ya want it? lol jk i'm not sure if i experienced that or not yet. i can't remember two seconds ago *sigh* it's hell getting old lol

Clare said...

Hi, I came across your post when searching for Ravenrock Dolly **** dogs, as I have got Ravenrock Dolly bird aka Zina she was from the litter born on the 12th September 2007. I think going by the dates of your comments they maybe from the same litter