Monday, 24 August 2009


Despite the traumas there were still many good times to be had during our two week stay on the lovely Greek island of Skiathos. We stayed at Filokalia Apartments in Achladies Beach and the accommodation, though basic as always, was given that little touch of magic that is sometimes needed by the efforts of the manager, Shellina and her able evening/night time assistant, Maria. Both were excellent with the kids and couldn't do enough to help us. I'll post up some pictures of the kids with Shellina later on.

If you're thinking of holidaying in Skiathos give this place the once over on Trip Advisor - you really won't go far wrong. Access from the main road is via a lane lined with all manner of fruit trees including vines, fig trees, clementine trees, lime trees, brambles and even quince. It was nice to have a wander up there every day just to see if we'd spot something new!

We were quite shocked at the general cost of living in Skiathos. Knowing the strength of the Euro against the Pound we certainly didn't expect to get everything dirt cheap but a couple of days there taught us to buy wisely and whilst not quite securing bargains we were able to live quite happily. There are many places serving excellent food and in sizeable portions and the "street food" is delicious.

Unfortunately for us we had booked to go at entirely the wrong time with August being insect season. F was almost eaten alive by the mozzies (warranting a trip to the pharmacy - well, three tripshaving been told that they shut at 2pm!) - and the wasps being an almost constant pain in the a**e, especially when eating. Shellina, as always, had a solution with the burning of a small amount of Greek coffee on your table which not only kept all but the most persistent of bewinged terrors away but also gave all food a kind of barbecue like taste and aroma!

I'm sure I'll recount more tails as they come to mind but for now please be contented with the above pictures of our adventures...


Akelamalu said...

Skiathos looks lovely - I want to go now! You got some really good shots there darlin', I especially like the arty shot - your Dad will be proud! LOL

The boys look as though they are really enjoying themselves - well mostly. ;)

Dan's Fi-ver said...

It was indeed nice...and I'd say worth a visit for a beach/pool holiday. But with young kids that want to be doing - no way!!

ciara said...

a trip to ANYWHERE in greece seems lucky to me. wow, it's amazing you left facebook long enough to post here lol love the photos. someday i might get to greece, or england, or, italy or millions of other places i want to go before i kick the bucket lol :)

lin said...