Sunday, 23 August 2009

That Course...

Reveiwing the posts of many moons ago I noticed that I had last updated shortly after I'd applied for the law degree I was interested in.

I was successful in getting a place at the interview although a bit of gentle persuasion was needed in securing my place. The tutor that interviewed me (hereafter referred to as GS) was unsure at first as I have been out of education for 13 years and he suggested I would be well advised to complete an access course first. I suggested to him that I was more than up to the course and that he was essentially running a business - I was determined to find a degree course and if he didn't want my custom then I was pretty sure someone else would. GS relented saying that he trust his instincts and he reckoned I'd do ok.

Obviously being a mature student has its advantages and disadvantages. It's easier to see what you're working towards and that makes it easier to put your head down and do what's required. On the other hand, juggling hardcore studying with a family isn't always the easist thing to do.

I scored pretty well in the assignments for each subject but had a feeling I'd struggle in the exams so I prepared as thoroughly as I could. Still, my confidence was low and I was thankful to F for vacating the house with Nate for a few days while I stressed and simmered - I wouldn't have been the best company anyway! Exams over, I thought I'd done enough to gain a 40% pass and was happy with that.

I waited patiently for results day and went in to collect my resuls on 16th July. The system is that you log on to a campus PC to get your results for the first time, in order that the tutors are present and can give you advice if you need it. Iwent in and was greeted by the GS - strangely he quickly left the room. I logged on and was shocked by what I saw...4 A's! I had scored 70% in Contract, 74% in Legal Method, 76% in Constitutional and Administrative Law and 80% in EU Law. I was so shocked I thought that I'd logged into the results for another student! I was congratulated by my tutors and told GS that I was the best performing student on campus so that a pretty nice feeling.

A few days later I received a letter from the Head of Law at the main campus to say I was to receive the award for Best Performing First Year Student at a ceremony in Huddersfield. F rose from her deathbed (poor girl was proper poorly too...thanks F x) to accompany my parents ( and me to the ceremony where I was presented with a certificate:

I'm awaiting the cheque that was supposed to come with it but I'm not holding my breath!


Akelamalu said...

That's my boy! I never doubted you for a minute. :)

Dan's Fi-ver said...

I did!!

ciara said...

i know your parents are very proud of you, by the way akelamalu brags on her blog ;o) so great to see you going after a dream. never too late, right? i am back in school myself, but i'm inching my way to any sort of degree (actually, a 2 yr degree in criminal justice then i will move on to a 4 yr degree in prob forensics). great job on being the best performing student :)